In TMS, glossaries help maintain voice and style across projects. It can also help linguists translate a specific word or phrase in a particular way. For example, a glossary might be used to manage non-translatable terms, such as a brand name or a slogan. This way, the system can assist in providing correct translations for highly technical terms. 

Enterprise has developed a true concept-based Glossary system. This means that the Terminology Manager creates a new entry in the system which is made up of a concept and its matching terms. The concept is made up of a definition and other fields, and terms are words or phrases that fit the definition of the concept. Each term is specific to a language or a full locale.

Creating a glossary

To create a new glossary in TMS, click the PROJECTS option from Enterprise’s main menu.

Create a new glossary

To create a new glossary in the system, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Project Resources option from Projects.

  2. Click Glossaries.

  3. On the Glossaries page, click New Glossary.

  4. When the New Glossaries window opens, enter the name of the glossary in the Glossary Name box.

  5. Click Save.

Select the newly created glossary from the Glossary list to upload termbases from your device and to manage the glossary

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