Teams allow you to organize community members to manage assignments, quickly add community members to client communites, and share resources. Open the team menu by selecting Project Resources > Teams to create and manage teams. 

Creating teams and managing members

Creating a team

  1. Select Project Resources from the sidebar, and then open Teams.

  2. Click New Team.

  3. In the New Team dialog, enter the team name and optionally enter a description and team picture, then click the New Team button.

Adding team members 

  1. Open the team you want to add members to.

  2. Click Add Member and type the name or email address of the member(s) you wish to add to the team. 

  3. When you are ready, click Save to update your team

Removing team members 

  1. Choose Remove at the end of the row to remove team members individually.

  2. To remove multiple team members at once, select the check-box next to the members you wish to remove. 

  3. Choose Remove Selected Members under the actions drop-down.

  4. A modal will appear asking you to confirm your action. Select Remove Team Members

Managing teams across organizations

LSPs need their own default organization rather than simply working in the client's organization in order to make essential features like user aliases, rate charts, financial reports, and vendor awareness possible. LSPs should upload their linguists and manage them in their default organization. Organizing those linguists into teams before they are invited to the client organization can make them easier to manage, especially if they are working for multiple clients in the TMS. 

You can also manage team members in the Community Member Details page. In the Assigned Teams section of the Community app, you can directly assign a user to a team, remove a user from a team, and select a team leader for a team.

Adding teams from your default organization

  1. Create your teams in your default organization using the same steps listed above. We recommend that you organize and name your teams by the type of work they are qualified for. The type of task, language pair, and even preference. For example: en_US-es_ES_translators_preferred.   

  2. Use the community drop-down to enter your client organization. 

  3. Open the Teams page from the Project Resources menu in the sidebar. You will need to be given at least the Vendor PM role to view this page. 

  4. When you select the Add Teams option, you will be able to create a new team or add an existing team.  

    1. Choosing New Team is the same process described above. It will be created without any members except the user who performed the action and you will need to manually add more users that already exist in the client community to the team. 

  5. Select Existing Teams. If you do not see this option, the client's community admin will need to allow Project Managers to manage community members in the community customization page. 

  6. The modal will display a searchable list of all teams in your default organization. 

  7. Bulk select the teams you want to add to the client organization.

  8.  Select Add Teams.

  9. Copies of the selected teams will be added to the client organization and the team members in your default organization will be added to the client's organization. 

    1. If those community members already existed in the client organization they will retain their current role. 

    2. If they did not previously exist in the client organization, they will be given the linguist role.

Editing Teams Across Multiple Organizations

Large LSPs may need to create hundreds of teams to effectively organize thousands of linguists. Using the steps above LSPs can efficiently make copies of their teams to work in several client organizations. However, managing hundreds of teams across several client organizations would be extremely time-consuming. To make this process simpler, copied teams are linked to the original team so they all can be managed by making changes to the original team in the LSP's organization. This feature is only available to vendor organizations.

  1. In your default organization, open the team that needs to change.

  2. Add or remove members as needed. 

  3. In the Add/Remove Team Member modal, select Update children teams with these changes

  4. All teams that were copied from this team will be updated with the change. Removing a team member from copied teams will not remove them from the client's organization.