A Community in Enterprise refers to an organization that usually consists of three main users: Project Managers, Community Administrators, and Linguists.

With the Community feature of Enterprise, administrators and managers can set up their community members and monitor their activities and tasks, customize Enterprise settings, and perform other admin tasks.

To access the functionalities of the Community feature, click PROJECT, and then click Community in the left pane.

When the Community list appears, select any of the following options:

  • Community Members. Click Community Members to add a new community member or log in as another user.

  • Customization. Click Customization to modify task priorities and security controls, and customize other settings.

  • Recent Sessions. Click Recent Sessions to view a list of users who logged in within 24 hours.

  • Categories. Click Categories to create labels and categories that help you manage and organize documents

  • Integrations. Click Integrations to contact a Enterprise representative to help set up an integration with your content management system.

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