Machine Translate Step

If you would like machine translations to be a part of your translation workflow, be sure to configure the Machine Translate step. 


The Machine Translate phase will not work unless an MT Credential is selected.

To designate which machine translation credential to use during the Machine Translate phase,

  1. Open a workflow. (Go to Templates in the side bar, click Workflow Templates and select the desired workflow).

  2. Select the Machine Translate icon from the Workflow preview.

  3. Click the Configuration tab.

  4. From the open Configuration page, scroll to the Rules section. 

  5. Click the Edit icon next to the “When phase starts...” rule. 

  6. Under “Take these actions,” scroll to select machine translate and then select an MT credential.

  7. Save your work. Any target using this workflow will use the MT credential you selected.

MT Tips

  • To change the MT credential used in an active project, you will want to update its workflow. First, edit the workflow. Then reapply it to the project.

  • The system will only machine translate segments that don’t already contain translations.

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