Supported MT Engines

Supported MT Engines

Here is the list of MT engines that we are currently integrated with:

  • Amazon Translate

  • DeepL

  • Google Translate

  • Lionbridge GeoFluent

  • Microsoft Translator

  • Intento

  • Omniscien (Asia Online)

  • AppTek Omnifluent

Choosing an MT Engine

Although Enterprise is not a machine translation provider, Enterprise can integrate with any MT engine with an open API. This includes custom engines. If you already have an MT provider, it is easy to connect it to the Enterprise TMS. Click here for help.

We recommend considering your needs and conducting careful research before selecting an MT engine. Consider the target languages, domain/subject area of the content to be translated, budget, turn-around time, scalability requirements, and linguistic assets available for training an engine, etc. before choosing an engine. If you do not have a preferred MT engine, we can work with you to compare and evaluate the results of several MT engines on your source content.

Enterprise provides free machine translation - from either Google Translate or Microsoft Translator - for the first 100,000 characters. This can provide a helpful buffer to gauge how much MT is needed as you decide which MT engine to use. If you wish to purchase additional MT, you may subscribe to most third party providers. The table below provides a guide to help you get started.

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