Project Templates


Projects are more than a way to organize and group content. They include complex settings that control how content interacts with the system and how users interact with content. A poorly configured project can cause minor head-aches and major disasters, so we created Project Templates to make it easy to create perfectly configured projects. Your project managers or community admins can create a project template with settings configured to meet your organization's specific needs. Then, project managers can use those templates to create a new project without giving it a second thought.

Project Template List


  • Name or UUID

  • Created By – View all the templates created by a specific user.

  • Modified By – View all the templates that were last modified by a specific user.

  • Access – Filter to see projects that you have ownership rights over or shared user rights to.

Community admins have ownership rights to all project templates by default.

Bulk Actions

  1. Bulk Selection

    1. Use the checkboxes to select project templates one at a time or use the bulk selector in the column header to select all templates on the page. Once all the templates on the current page are selected, you can select your filtered results across all pages.

    2. You can only select templates you have ownership rights to.

  2. Select the Bulk Action icon in the column header after you have selected your desired templates. Choose the action you want to perform.

  3. Adjust Permissions

    1. Add owners and shared users to the template.

      1. You can add teams and individual users as an owner or shared users of the selected template.

      2. You cannot add a team or user as both an owner and a shared user.

    2. Remove owners and shared users from the template.

  4. Delete - This will delete the selected templates. This action cannot be undone, but it does not affect projects created by the deleted templates.

Individual Actions

  1. Select the action icon at the far right of the row.

  2. Copy – users can copy a template they have shared user access to. This will copy the template and its settings except for permissions. The new template will add the user who copied the previous template as an owner.

  3. Adjust Permissions – This works like the bulk action, but you can see the users who currently are owners and shared users on the template on the individual level.

  4. Delete – This will delete the template. This action cannot be undone, but it does not affect projects created by the template you are deleting.