Target and Phase Actions


You can speed up your workflow and increase productivity by using the various actions in the Target and Phase sections of the Project Management app.

Target Actions

To perform Target-oriented actions, select the applicable targets on the page, and then select the process you want to execute from the Actions list. 

To run an action on all targets, select the check box at the top of the list.

Target Action Descriptions

Available actions are listed below, along with specific instructions.

Phase Action


Add Phase

Add a workflow phase to just the selected target(s).

Remove Phase

Remove a workflow phase from the selected target(s).
If one target needs fewer phases than others, remove it here.

Skip Phase

Mark selected phase(s) as Skipped
When a phase is skipped, the workflow continues to the next step, and the phase report lists the phase as skipped.  

Modify Phase Due Dates

Modify the Phase Due Date for the selected target(s).
If a due date was applied to the document as a whole and needs to be adjusted for a specific target, use Modify Phase Due Date.

Add Targets

Add additional target language(s) to the document.
If one or two additional target language is needed for a single document, it can be added here.

Remove Targets

Remove a target language from the document.
If the document workflow uses more target languages than needed, remove a phase on a per-target basis.

Cancel Targets

Cancels any outstanding work on the selected target(s). Any phases that are in progress or have not been started will no longer be available to work on. 
This will open a dialog that will request a reason for canceling.

Import to Glossary

Import all segments to a glossary.
The Import to Glossary feature exports the whole document – organized by segments–into your glossary. Because this feature adds segments (rather than words or phrases) to your glossary, you may wish to use this feature with caution.

Auto Format

Automatically add format tags to the document(s) of your choice.
Caution: Because Apply Format Tags is an automated feature, it can be inaccurate. We generally recommend that translators or reviewers apply these tags manually.  

Download Finalized File

After a document has completed all phases in the workflow, it is available for download.
This feature must be enabled by the project manager. 

Phase Actions

To run an action on a single phase, click the More icon at the end of the phase's row, and then select the action you want to perform.

The following are the available actions at the phase level:

  • Start Phase

  • Edit Phase

  • Skip Phase

  • Resend Callbacks

  • Delete Phase

  • Copy Phase UUID  

The Edit Phase and Resend Callbacks options are available only to phases that are completed.

Phase Action Descriptions

Phase Action



The phase will be started, and its assignee(s) will see the phase in their Task List.


The phase will be temporarily hidden from the Task List of its assignee(s). 

  • A paused phase’s progress bar will be overwritten with the word “Paused.”

  • Hover over the progress bar to see which used paused the phase.

  • Click on the progress bar to quickly unpause the phase.

  • Automated workflow status changes such as at risk and past due, will not change the paused status.

  • Workflow rules to automatically skip or cancel phases if they are not completed by the due date still apply to paused phases.

If you do not wish to hide the task, you may simply unassign it.


The phase will reappear in the Task List of its assignee(s).


Edit the workflow phase (for the current target).

Edit the phase Name and Due Date or add a new rule to the current phase. View the workflow name and ID used to create the phase. 


Mark the phase as Skipped.
When a phase is skipped, the workflow continues to the next step, and the phase report lists the phase as skipped


Delete the workflow phase (for the current target).

Mark Complete

Manually mark the phase complete.

Resend Callbacks

This action is only available when the phase is in a completed state. It will send the target complete callback to all callbacks set up on the project. 

Copy Phase UUID

Select this action to copy the specific phase UUID of the target.