Deleting TM Vaults


All Translation Memory units must be moved or deleted 
from a TM vault before it can be deleted.

You may wish to create a discard vault to store all TM that should not be used

To remove a TM Vault,

  1. Go to the Project Resources menu at the top of the page and select TM Vaults.

  2. Open the TM Vault you would like to delete.

    All Translation Memory files must be moved or deleted before you can delete a TM Vault.

    To move TM files to another vault,
    1. Scroll down and then click the check box next to the document(s) that have TM that should be removed. 

      To select all boxes at once, click the check box above the document list

    2. Click Move at the upper right of the page.
    3. In the dialog, scroll to select the new TM vault and click Move to move the translation memory to the new vault.
  3. Once all TM files have been removed from the vault, the TM vault can be deleted. At the top of the page, select the Actions menu and choose Delete.