Assigning a Team to a Workflow Phase

In a workflow, you can assign phases to a team so that any team member can work on that phase of the translation workflow. When documents are uploaded to a project with that workflow, tasks will automatically be assigned to the team and will appear on each team member’s task list. 

To assign a team to a phase in the workflow:

  1. Select Project Resources from the side bar and open Workflows.

  2. Choose the Workflow you wish to edit.

  3. From the Workflow preview, click the workflow step you would like to assign (e.g. Translate/Review).

  4. Open the Configuration tab.

  5. Under Settings, scroll to the Assignments panel and click the link under Assignees.

  6. In the dialog, type the name of a team, community, or individual to add them to the list.

  7. When you are ready, click Update Assignments to save your changes.

  • If you have already assigned someone, click their name to modify the assignment.
  • Before making assignments, be sure the source and target language(s) are configured for the project.
  • Click “x” to remove a member from the list.


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