Enable Offline Translation (Community)

Administrators can grant linguists the ability to perform translation tasks in a third-party computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool other than Lingotek's TMS. When the offline translation option is enabled, linguists can export assignments as XLIFF files, and then, after completing the translation, reimport the files in TMS. 

It is important that the offline translation option is enabled on both community and the project levels. Note that community administrators can turn on the feature on a community level, while project managers (PMs) can enable the feature on a project level. 

The XLIFF output from some CAT tools may not be properly reimported in the TMS. Tasks that are reimported should be checked and edited for accuracy using the Lingotek’s Workbench application.

Enable Offline Translations – Community Level

When offline translations are enabled on the community level, project managers will see an option to enable task reimport for their projects.

Enabling offline translations on the community Level gives PMs the option to enable Offline Translations on a project. It does not globally enable offline translation on all projects.

To enable Offline Translation in your community, follow these steps 

  1. Click Projects, and then click Community on the left pane.

  2. When the options appear, click Customization.

  3. On the Community Customization page, click ADVANCED.

  4. In the Tasks section, select the Enable Task Re-import check box.

  5. Review the other options on the page, and once you’re sure about the changes you want, click SAVE.

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