Project Workflow

The Workflow Template that you initially used to create a project is copied as a Project Workflow on the project. At that point, the Project Workflow is a completely separate entity from the original Workflow Template. Any changes you make to the Project Workflow will have no effect on the Workflow Template. This allows you to use a Workflow Template as a starting point and then customize the Project Workflow to the needs of your project. All the features, rules and settings available on Workflow Templates can also be adjusted on the Project Workflow with except for the Project tab that controls project settings when a new project is created from a workflow template. 

See the Workflow Templates page to learn more about creating and editing workflows. 


Changing a Project Workflow

To change a project’s workflow,

  1. Open the Project – From the side menu select Projects and click to open a project.

  2. Switch to the project’s Workflow Template tab.

  3. Click (change) next to the current workflow’s title.

  4. Scroll to select the new Workflow Template and choose Use New Workflow.

  5. In the dialog, you can choose whether to apply the new workflow retroactively.

    1. Choose Apply to New Documents Only to only apply the new workflow to future documents only (i.e. all existing documents will retain the old workflow).

    2. Choose Apply to New and Existing Documents to apply the workflow to all documents in the project (both new and old documents will receive the new workflow).

    3. If you chose Apply to New and Existing Documents, you’ll get a special dialog:

    4. This menu lets you choose how to apply the workflow to existing docs.

    5. If some of the documents in your project have already been translated, choose which phase they should be “pushed back” to using the drop down menu.

    6. With the radio buttons, choose whether to add new target languages to the existing documents.

    7. Click Apply to apply the new workflow to the desired documents.

  6. The processes widget will open where you can monitor the progress of the Job. 

    1. The workflow will immediately apply to new documents that are uploaded to the project upon the job's completion. 

    2. Existing documents will take a longer period of time to update to the new workflow. 

Additional Details

  • When applying the new workflow, completed translations will be preserved. i.e. The latest saved translation is the translation that will be used for each segment.

  • None of the settings under the Project tab of the selected workflow template will change current project settings (resources, project owners, etc).