Processes Widget

To get detailed information about each process run in the system, open the Process Queue. Because it is inconvenient to leave where you are working to go to the Process Queue each time you perform an action we have added the Processes Widget. This allows you to see and download the results of specific processes from anywhere in the TMS.

  • Project - located in the breadcrumb bar as "Processes."

  • Portal - located in the breadcrumb bar as "Processes." 

  • Workbench - located in the upper-right corner of the Workbench, next to the Download and TM statistics buttons.

  • New Workbench - located in the Info Bar, in the lower-left corner of the New Workbench.

The following processes can be monitored from the Processes Widget:

  • Document Import

  • Document Update

  • Document Download (Original, PDF, TMX, CSV, XSLX, Finalized, Pseudo Localization)

  • Task Xliff Export

  • Task Xbench Export

  • Segments Notes Download

  • Analyze Project

  • Leverage

To use the Processes Widget:

  1. Run any of the above processes. 

  2. The Processes Widget will indicate that a new process has started. Click on the processes widget to open it.

  3. You can view the progress for each individual process as a grid. 

  4. To help keep your widget clean you have the following options to remove processes from the widget. Note: Removing the processes from the widget does NOT stop the process in the Process Queue.

    1. Dismiss any process from the widget by selecting the 'X' icon. 

    2. Dismiss all completed processes

    3. Dismiss all failed processes

    4. Dismiss all processes

  5. To get more information about a process you can open the Process Queue from the Widget. 

  6. To download the results of a process, select the download option on that processes' row.