Task Actions

Preview a Task

Click a task row to preview it in the Workbench. 

Previewing a task helps determine if it fits your skill set and workload. 

View the Document ID

Click the document icon to view the Document ID and Document UUID. Click on the ID or UUID to copy it to your clipboard. 

You can also configure your columns to see the Document ID and UUID columns.

Open a Task

To start working on a task, use the More icon (on the right).

Using the More icon, launch the task in the Workbench, In-Context Workbench, or Doc Viewer. Use...

  • Launch Workbench to translate documents in the classic workbench. Ideal for documents with minimal formatting

  • Launch Doc Viewer to quickly scan and spot-check many segments at once. Ideal for reviewers

  • Upload Finalized File to upload the final version of the translated file. Ideal for DTP. 

Check-In, Check Out

Since tasks can be assigned to individual linguists or to a team, there must be a way to designate which linguist is working on each task.

If you are working as part of a team, be sure to check out a task. this reserves the task to you and ensures that linguists will not be able to work on it.

  • Check-OutTo check out a task, go to a task and click the More icon and select a Check Out option. 

  • Check-In. If you are unable to complete a task (e.g. because of illness), check the task back in, allowing other linguists to work on it. To check a task back in, go to a task and click the More icon. Then select Check-In

More Task List Actions

Other options may be available from the More menu.


If your project manager has granted access to the following options, they will appear in your task list.

Tip: If these options are unavailable, please contact your PM.



Mark Complete

Submit a completed translation.

Set Task Progress %

Record task completion. When this option is available, manually record how much work has been accomplished. (Designed for Engineering and DTP phases).

Source URL

View the source document. If you are translating web content, sometimes a PM provides a Source URL. Click the Source URL to view the original source document. Optionally, you can add the Launch Source URL column to your task list for easier access. 

TM Statistics

View TM statistics. Gauge how much of the document was leveraged from TM.

Check-out History

View the complete history of when a task was checked in or out. 

Download Source As

  • Original Format

  • PDF

  • TMX


Download source file. If your project manager has granted access to download your assigned files, a download option will appear in both the task list and the workbench. 

You will be able to download the Source and Target in several formats. Choose from the Original Format, PDF, TMX, and XLIFF.

Download Target As

  • Original Format

  • PDF

  • TMX


Download target files.