Bulk Actions

Select All

Select/deselect all the tasks on the page at once by selecting the checkbox icon in the upper left-hand corner. Selecting all tasks allows you to take bulk actions. 

Selecting the downward arrow in the corner allows you to select tasks in bulk by the following criteria:

  • All

  • Starred

  • Unstarred

Deselect all tasks by selecting "None". 

If there is more than one page of tasks, a prompt will give the user an option to select all tasks across all pages that fit the filter configuration.

If selected, a prompt will give the option to clear the selection if desired. 

Bulk Actions

Bulk actions increase efficiency for linguists and project managers by allowing them to avoid repetitive tasks. After selecting multiple tasks using filters, sorting, and the bulk selector shown above, perform any of the following actions. 

Although a Linguist can see tasks that are checked out to other Linguists, they cannot take bulk actions on those tasks. 

Bulk Action



Download Reference Material

Downloads all reference materials attached to the selected tasks.


Task Leverage Rollup

Provides the linguist with an excel file showing rolled up TM leverage for selected tasks.

This rolled-up report only pulls data from the initial leverage report of the target, not any manual leverages or analysis reports. 

Run Quality Report

Download a quality report for all selected tasks across a specific time frame. 


Generate Time Card Report

Download a report that shows all the amount of time you have spent on tasks.

  • Tasks are only eligible for this report if they have been completed. 

  • You may run this report across a selection of tasks or simply select Generate Time Card Report without selecting tasks and run the report across a date range.

    • Only tasks completed within the selected date range will be included in the report. 

  • You may choose to include completed tasks that do not include tracked time. 

  • Choose which fields are included in the report as well as in what order they appear. 

  • See here for more documentation about tracking time. 

Check Out

Checks outs all selected tasks that are eligible to be checked out.

Tasks are eligible for check out if:

  • Allow task Check-out must be set to Yes in the workflow.

  • The task is not already checked-out to someone.

  • The task is not marked complete.

Check Back In

Checks back in all selected tasks that are eligible to be checked back in.

Tasks are eligible to be checked in if:

  • The task is not already checked-out to someone. 

  • The task is not marked complete

Re-import tasks

Use this feature to upload documents that have been translated offline.

The system will automatically map completed translations to the correct document.

Approve all Segments

Approve all eligible segments in the selected tasks. 

Affects only tasks with a 'Review' Phase Type.

The user has the option to Update TM and Auto-Apply Tags for all segments.Note: Neither option is recommended

Add a Star

Add a star in bulk to quickly find important tasks.


Remove a Star

Remove stars in bulk from tasks that are no longer important.


Mark Complete

Marks completed all selected tasks that are eligible to be marked complete.

Tasks are eligible to complete if:

  • Translate and Review phase progress is 100%.

    • Custom phases can be marked complete regardless of progress. 

  • The task is not already marked complete. 

Bulk Download Source

Download the source documents for all selected tasks. 

The Project Manager must enable what file formats are available for download under the project settings. 

Bulk Download Target

Download the target documents for all selected tasks.

The Project Manager must enable what file formats are available for upload under the project settings. 

Mark Complete

The user will be prompted to Confirm Completion after selecting Mark Complete in the Bulk Action area. 

If the Task is past due, the Confirm Completion dialogue box will prompt the user for a reason the task was completed late.

If the task was a part of a custom phase, the dialogue box will prompt for number of hours worked.

If the task is past due and a part of a custom phase, the dialogue box asks for hours worked and a reason for being past due.

If selected tasks are not eligible for bulk action, the user will be notified.