Configuring Settings (WP)

Use the tabs on the Settings page to set up your translation preferences.

Here, you can choose translation languages, which content to translate, and automated translation steps.

While you can leave the Plugin settings at their defaults, we recommend customizing your settings for at least the following three items:

  1. Choose Languages – Choose which languages to use to translate your site.
  2. Choose What to Translate – Choose whether to translate all pages (or just certain types of pages). 
  3. Choose Default Translation Settings – Use the Default tab to choose whether completed translations should publish to WordPress automatically or manually. Additionally, if you are using the full RAY Enterprise translation management system (TMS), you will may want to choose which project and workflow to use with your WordPress site. 


(info) By default, the RAY Enterprise Plugin will machine translate your entire site; however, if you need to translate some pages professionally, adjust your account settings. Descriptions listed below.

A quick overview of each Settings option is available below -