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Before You Begin
Before starting with the Lingotek Inside Sites Integration, some technical and business requirements have to have been met. Overall, it is assumed that the system is set up properly and ready for you to work with. If this is not the case, check with your system administrator.

The following are assumed to be in place before proceeding with work on this product:

  1. Software installed
    It is assumed that the Lingotek Inside Sites software is properly installed on your instance of WebCenter Sites.
  2. Dimensions enabled on assets to be translated
    It is assumed that you have the ability to assign a dimension, or a locale (or language) to each asset type you need to translate. If this is not done, contact your system administrator.
  3. Workflows set up in Sites with Lingotek Step Actions
    The most important integration point between Sites and Lingotek is through Workflow. Sites employs special workflow step actions to ensure that the asset is sent to Lingotek for translation when the workflow step is completed. Your system administrator should be able to tell you which workflows are ready for you to use. (Sample workflows are provided).

  4. Lingotek account set up
    You must have an account set up in Lingotek in order to be able to use the workbench, and to make use of Lingotek translation services. Some users are automatically provisioned, while others require manual setup. Consult your Lingotek account representative to ensure that your account is set up properly.

  5. Lingotek project and workflows configured
    In order to send assets to Lingotek, available projects must be properly configured on Lingotek, so that they can be selected by users on Sites. If this is not the case, consult your Lingotek administrator.

  6. Users granted all required privileges in Lingotek
    Some user accounts require special permissions that are not automatically configured at first login. It is assumed that this bootstrapping permission assignment is complete.


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