Community Members


In Lingotek, users are organized through Communities. In a community, users are grouped according to three general types: linguists, community administrators, and project managers.

On the Community Member page, you can search for specific community members, and then view details such as their roles and the team they belong to, their team lead, and other related information. To access this page, click Projects > Community > Community Members.


You can perform the following in this section of the app:

Search a member

To search for a member from your community, enter the name of the user in the Search Community Members box, and when name suggestions appear, click the applicable user.

The Community Member Details page will open where you can access the details of the user.

Add a member

To know how to add members to your community, visit the Add Users to TMS page.

Refresh user list

Click the Refresh option in the upper pane, beside the plus symbol, to refresh the list of users on the page.

Community Roles

The following are community roles in the TMS:

  • Linguist permissions are available to all users. Linguists can access the translator workbench and any tasks assigned to them.

  • Project Managers (PM) can add users, and manage or create projects, teams, workflows, and reports.

  • Community Admins can add users, adjust global settings, and monitor and manage community activity.

Visit the Roles and Access page to know more about these roles and the features they can access.

Community Member Details

The Community Member Details page opens when you click a TMS user.
This page is accessible to PMs and Admins only.

An overview of the Community Member Details page

Member Details and Roles

In the Member Details and Community Roles section, you can view the following information:

Member Details:

  • Name - The registered name of the user.

  • Login ID - The email address of the user.

  • Status - The status of the selected user.
    If you’re an administrator or a project manager, you can click DEACTIVATE to deactivate the user’s account in your community.

  • Login Enabled - The login access status of the user.
    If you’re an administrator or a project manager, you can click CHANGE PASSWORD to change the user’s password for the account or RESET PASSWORD to reset the password.

  • Email - The user’s email address used to access the account.

  • User ID - The user’s ID number.

  • User UUID - The user’s UUID in TMS.

  • Parent Organization - The parent organization or community where the user belongs.

  • Parent Organization ID - The UUID of the organization.

Community Roles:

If you’re a PM or an admin, you can modify an ordinary user’s role in the community. You can add or remove a user from the following roles:

  • Community Member

  • Project Manager

  • Community Admin

Assigned Teams

In the Assigned Teams section, you can perform the following:

  • Assign a user to a team - From the Assign to team list, select the team you want to add the user to. You can add the user to as many teams as you like. The user will be added to those teams automatically.

  • Remove a user from a team - Click the REMOVE FROM TEAM option to remove the user from a team.

  • Select a new team leader - Click the CHANGE TEAM LEADER option to select another user as the leader for the team.

To know more about how teams work in TMS, visit the Teams page.