Copying, Editing, Deleting Workflows

Copy, Edit, Delete a Workflow

Once a workflow is created, a row of icons will display above the workflow template
(or above the workflow when it is open): 

With these icons, you will be able to create a new project (using the workflow).
You will also be able to copy, edit, or delete the workflow.


Click this icon to…

Create a new project that will use this workflow.

Copy the existing workflow.

You will be able to rename and edit the workflow as desired.

Edit the workflow template.
Change the phases that are used on the workflow.

Configure the workflow

Choose settings for each phase of the workflow.

  • Choose default source/target languages

  • Choose default MT engines

  • Choose default TM vaults



Permanently remove the workflow from the system

If these icons do not display, you do not have permission to edit the workflow. Contact a workflow owner for editing access.

To access these icons,

  1. Open the workflow.
    Go to Templates > Workflow Templates > Click to open the workflow.

  2. Click the appropriate icon above the workflow template.

  3. Follow the instructions in the dialog.

For more information on each icon, see below.

Add a New Project (Using a Workflow)

Click this icon to open the Add new project screen.

  • The new project will use the current workflow.  

  • Complete the dialog

  • Click Save.

Copy the Workflow

Click this icon to copy the existing workflow.
You will be able to enter a new name for the workflow and to configure or edit it as desired.

Edit the Workflow Template

Click the Edit icon to open a list of the Workflow Preview – a list of the workflow’s current phases.

Editing a workflow that is currently in use

If you choose to edit a workflow in use on an active project, all of that project's existing documents will continue to use the old version of the workflow; any documents uploaded to the project after the workflow was changed will use the new version of the workflow.

If you would like to apply the new version of the workflow to all documents in a project (both new and old), use the Change Workflow feature.

  • Add phases by clicking the icons under Add possible workflow phases.

  • Drag and drop phases to change workflow order.

  • Remove phases by clicking the “x” in the workflow preview.

  • Rename the workflow


If you need to edit an active workflow (i.e. a workflow already in use), please contact for assistance.

Rename the Workflow

If you wish to rename the workflow,

  1. Open the Settings tab.

  2. At the upper right, click the Edit button.

  3. At the top of the page, type a new Workflow name.

  4. Click the Save button at the top of the page.

Configure the Workflow

Click the cog icon to configure the workflow’s default settings.
Configuring the workflow will allow you to choose which resources and settings should be used by each workflow phase.

  • Choose default source/target languages

  • Choose default MT engines

  • Choose default TM vaults, etc.

Please click here for a complete overview of workflow configuration options.

Delete the Workflow

Click this icon to permanently delete the workflow.