Utilities (WP)

Utilities help you prepare and maintain your multilingual content.

You can choose from the following three utilities.

  • Set default language as the language for all content that has not been assigned a language.
    (info) By default, Lingotek will use the language your WordPress site was authored in as the default language. 

    Checking this box will set Polylang's default language as the default language for the translations handled inside the Lingotek Plugin.

    (warning) Important! 
    Setting the default language for your WordPress site helps Lingotek properly identify, store and organize translation memory.

  • Disassociate all the content from Lingotek TMS.
    Use with caution – this utility breaks the connection between Lingotek content and WordPress content. You will be able to preserve your existing Lingotek translations, but your content will no longer be tracked in Lingotek.

    (tick) Tip: You may choose to disassociate translations and then reupload the original documents to Lingotek when an unexpected error occurs. Please send an email to support@lingotek.com for more information.
  • Delete all documents in Lingotek Translation Management System.
    This will delete all WordPress content from the Lingotek TMS.

To perform an action listed on the Utilities screen, simply click the check box next to a utility and then click Run Utilities.

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