Install the Lingotek Software Localization Tool (Filesystem Connector)

To install the Filesystem Connector, follow the instructions below.

Before installing the connector,

  • Disable firewalls and antivirus software if needed.
  • Ensure you have administrative rights on the drive.
  • Make sure your system has Python and can run the "pip" command.
  • GIT needs to be installed

  1. Check the system.
    After you configure your system, you can check the version of python and pip to make sure it is installed on your system.

    python -V
    pip -V

    If these don't work, see optional on this page: (Optional) Setup Python on Windows 8+

  2. Install the Filesystem Connector.
    If everything is set up correctly, you can use pip to install Lingotek's Filesystem Connector.

    pip install ltk

  3. Run the Filesystem Connector. (For help and examples, click here).

    Usage: ltk [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...
    --version  Show the version and exit.
    -q         Will only show warnings
    -v         Show API calls. Use -vv for API responses.
    --help     Show this message and exit.
    add       Adds content, could be one or multiple files specified by the Unix
              shell pattern
    clean     Cleans up the associations between local documents and documents
              in Lingotek
    config    view or change local configuration
    download  downloads translated content of document(s)
    import    import documents from Lingotek Cloud,...
    init      connects a local project to Lingotek
    list      shows docs, workflows, locales, or formats
    pull      pulls all translations for added documents
    push      Sends updated content to Lingotek for documents that have been
    request   Add targets to document(s) to start translation; defaults to the
              entire project
    rm        Disassociate local doc(s) from Lingotek Cloud and deletes the
              remote copy
    status    Gets the status of a specific document or all documents
    watch     Watches local and remote files


You can get the connector directly from Github:


Permission denied error with watch
Example: PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'watch_dir/test.html'

If your system has antivirus auto protect activated, then you may encounter permission errors with specific file types. Make sure that your watch directory is excluded from auto protect.

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