Translation Flow (Liferay)

Sending Translation Requests and Downloading Translations – in Liferay Control Panel

The Liferay Control Panel has two new features to help manage your Lingotek language translations. 

  1. Web content article “Upload to Lingotek” action

    This action can be used when the English content is updated within Liferay.  It will repackage the most current English content for this article as JSON and patch the Lingotek document.  This will cause the Lingotek workflow to start for each of the existing language translation targets.
  2. Web content article “Download Translations” action

    This action will request and re-download the latest “translated” content from Lingotek for each available translation targets.  It will publish them live within Liferay immediately.


Automatic Merging of Translations – Using Liferay Lingotek “Call Back” Service

The Liferay Portal will expose a JSON restful web service for Lingotek to call when content is available to download.  This service will be called for each translation target. 

  1. The “call back” service will only process the record if the translation is complete and ready for download.
  2. It will invoke the Lingotek API to download the translation target for that document and apply the content to the Liferay portal.
  3. Unless disabled, it will create a new version of the Liferay web content article.

  4. Content will be applied and published live immediately.

The Call Back URL is configured in the project profile settings in Lingotek as seen below:

An example Call Back URL is:

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