Customizing Translation Memory


This page shows you how to customize three facets of translation memory in TMS: Analysis Mappings, Public Vaults, and Weighted Word Count.

Only administrators can perform the following setup procedures.

Analysis Mappings

Enterprise applies translation memory (TM) Match labels according to percentage matches (100% - Exact, 99-95% - High, 94-50% - Low Fuzzy). These percentages are displayed to linguists and are often used to determine translator pricing.

The screenshot above is an example of a an Analysis Mapping configuration.

To set up analysis mappings, follow these steps:

  1. Click Community in the left pane, and then click Customization.

  2. From the Customization list, select Translation Memory.

  3. When a range of TM Match percentages appears in the Analysis Mappings section of the page, select the applicable Repetitions option for its corresponding TM analysis category,

  4. Click SAVE to save the details that you set.


To reset your Analysis Mappings labels, click the edit option beside Condensed Groupings. When the Edit Condensed Grouping Labels window opens, click the RESTORE DEFAULTS option.

Public Vaults

As a community admin, you can enable or disable public vaults. When public vaults are enabled, users can create and or save TM units to a vault that's shared with all TMS users in the community. 

To turn on the Public Vaults feature for your community, select the Enable Public Vaults check box, and then click SAVE.

Weighted Word Count

Weighted Word Counts (WWC) give project managers and linguists a more accurate idea of how much actual work needs to be done in a task than by looking at the total word count (TWC). The system multiplies the word count for each TM leverage bucket by the percentage that you set (see below) to give an indication of how much work needs to be done.

As a community administrator, you can decide how WWC is calculated. 

Create WWC configurations

To create WWC configurations, follow these steps:

  1. Select metadata from the first list in the Weighted Word Count (WWC) section.

  2. Click the plus symbol beside Content Type Weighing Configurations.

  3. When the Add Weighting Configuration window opens, enter the following information:

    • Configuration Name - Enter the name for the specific configuration you are setting up.

    • Default - Select the Make Default checkbox to set the configuration as default.
      If the document metadata does not match any configurations, the default configuration will be used. 

    • Values for Content Type Field - Enter which fields the document's metadata must match to use this configuration.

    • Percentage - Choose the percentage value a TM Match Type will have compared to a 'whole word.'
      If you set your 74% - 50% TM Match type to 70%, and a segment with a 74% - 50% Fuzzy match has a Total Word Count of 10, then WWC will equal 7 for that TM leverage bucket.

  4. Click Save to save the changes.