Customizing Your Community

Configure default settings for your community with the Customization menu. 

The Customization menu is available on the Community tab and allows you to set up key configurations for your community - including task prioritization rules, machine translation credentials, and more.

Only an administrator can access the Customization screen.

To access your community’s Customization options:

  1. Sign in as an administrator.

  2. Choose Community from the side bar.

  3. Select Customization.

  4. On the left of the page, a menu of Customization options display.

  5. Click a Customization option to customize your community settings.

Customization Options

Choose from seven Customization options.

  • Appearance – personalize your Lingotek site. Add your company logo to the Lingotek interface (and optionally configure all system emails to be sent from your company’s email address).

  • Navigation – manage settings in the linguist Workbench.

  • Integrations – integrate Lingotek with your website’s content management system. This is only for connectors using API4 (Drupal 7 for example).

  • Machine Translation – create, edit, and delete MT credentials available to your community.

  • Translation Memory – choose how TM matches (Exact, High, and Low Fuzzy) will be labeled.

  • Security Controls – enable or disable default Lingotek features (e.g. system emails, MT and TM resources).

  • User Engagement – controls if and how Linguists can invite other users into the TMS. 

  • Advanced – deals with user profiles, tasks, teams and user management. 


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