Customize your community

With the customization options in TMS, you can set up a community’s layout, integrations, machine translations settings, and other settings.

To access customization options, click Community in the left pane, and then click Customization.

Only an administrator can access the Customization screen.

To customize your community, follow these steps:

  1. In the Customization pane, click any of the following:

  • Community Info - Click Community Info, to personalize details of your site, such as the community name, community link, and the email address from which you send emails to clients.

  • Callback Authentication - Click Callback Authentication to set up callback authentication with TMS and your own environment.

  • Machine Translation - Click Machine Translation to create, edit, or delete the machine translation credentials of your community.

  • Translation Memory - Click Translation Memory to customize how translation memory matches are labeled.

  • Security Controls - Click Security Controls to turn on or off some Enterprise features such as system emails, machine translations, translation memory settings, or user aliases.

  • User Engagement - Click User Engagement to set up how linguists invite other users to the platform.

  • Advanced - Click Advance to set up user profiles, tasks, teams, and user management settings.

2. After setting up the applicable tab, click the SAVE option.

Here are some additional reminders:

  • Click Save to save the changes in each customization option. 

  • Click Reset to reset the details in a customization option. 

  • Click Restore Defaults to restore the settings to their original configuration. 

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