Reports (Client)


On the Reports tab, clients, have access to Cost Details and Invoices. These reports, which you can export as .csv files, show costs and charges for each step of the translation workflow. The invoice also includes a summarized PDF version of the CSV file.

Cost Details Report

  • The purpose of the Cost Details report is to give both the translation buyer and the Language Service Provider (LSP) an estimate of costs for a project within a specific time period.

  • Cost Details show costs for phases that are billed on word count and hours spent.

  • This report can return phases that are completed or in progress in the TMS.

  • Any phase that generates cost can be included in this report.

  • This report can limit cost information to the work done by the vendor who is generating the report. 


  • Invoice reports are meant to give clients and vendors precise cost information on invoiceable work so the LSP can invoice the client.

  • Phases must be invoiceable to be included in the Invoice report. That is; the phase must be completed, billable, and marked for inclusion in the Invoice report.

Generate Reports

To generate a report, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vendor application.

  2. In the sidebar, click Reports

  3. When the Reports page opens, click either the COST DETAILS or the INVOICES tab.

Cost Details Reports

To generate a Cost Details report:

  1. Click the COST DETAILS tab on the Reports page of the Vendor application. 

  2. When the Create New Cost Details Report window opens, enter the following details:

    • Vendor - Select the applicable vendor or vendors whose costs details you want to see.

    • Timeframe Options - Enter the time frame with which you want to generate an invoice. You can choose records within a two-month time frame.   

    • Filters - Select the applicable options that you want to filter your report by.

    • Invoiceable Status - From the Invoiceable Status list, select any or all of the following: 

      1. Invoiced - Filter phases where an LSP has invoiced or billed their client. 

      2. Invoiceable - Filter phases that are ready to be invoiced. 

      3. Not Invoiceable - Filter phases that are currently in process or haven’t been started yet.

  3. Click CREATE.  

The system generates a report according to the client’s selected preferences. To access the report, click the hamburger menu in the right-most column of the newly generated report, and then click Download. The report is stored in your local downloads folder.

Invoice Reports

Clients cannot create Invoice reports, but they can download invoices that their LSPs have generated. To access an Invoice, click the INVOICES tab on the Reports page of the Vendor application. After that, click the hamburger menu in the right-most column of the applicable invoice, and then click Download.  


Both the Cost Details and Invoice reports can be filtered according to projects, metadata, and language pairs. The following are the available filters:

  • Project Filters - Filter results according to projects. You must select a vendor before using this filter. You can filter by more than one project, as long as each project has at least one phase that is assigned to your vendor’s organization.

  • Meta Filters - Filter results according to a project’s metadata. Note that targets will only be accounted for if they match all metadata listed in the filter

  • Locale Filters - Filter results according to language or locale pairings. Targets that match the selected language pairs are included in the report.

Search Reports

Use the search box in the upper-left to search for existing reports. Enter one of the following search criteria:

  • Report #

  • Requested By

Notes on Exported Reports

  • Each row in the exported invoice report represents a phase.

  • Each row in the exported linguist report represents a unique combination of a phase and linguist. (If three linguists worked on one phase, then three rows will be represented for that phase). 

  • Only phases that are billable in a workflow will appear in the Cost Details report.  

  • Only billable phases that have been marked as invoiceable will appear in an Invoice

  • The Cost columns in the report are displayed until the 4th decimal place since users can set their rates to the 4th decimal place (for percentage-based rates this is 6 decimals). It is necessary for rates to support at least 4 decimal places to get the most accurate costs.