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What is the Lingotek Drupal 7 Module?

Lingotek’s Translation module integrates directly into your Drupal site and provides:

  1. Free, in-context machine translation for each webpage.
  2. The ability to save (and reuse) previously translated material (translation memory, "TM").
  3. A free computer assisted translator tool (displaying original text/translations side-by-side).

When translations are complete, publish them to your Drupal site.


Lingotek’s Drupal Translation module is built on Drupal's standard multilingual modules (locale, content translation, entity translation, internationalization, etc.) and supports translation of entities, taxonomy terms, configuration items, properties, and built-in interface strings.

 Expand for a complete list.
  • Entity types - nodes, comments, messages, fieldable panels panes, taxonomy terms with custom fields, and even field collections (including nested ones)
  • Taxonomy terms - your choice of an Entity Translation approach for terms with custom fields or the i18n string approach for translation of name and description fields only

  • Configuration items - field labels, blocks, taxonomy vocabularies and terms, menus, views, etc.

  • Properties - titles, path aliases, and metatags*

  • Built-in interface strings

* Metatags are translated using references within metatag properties to fields enabled for translation.

Click here for a quick overview of the module.

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Visit the Lingotek Support Center.

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