Create a Translation Project (AEM 6.1)

Before creating a Live Copy, go into AEM and create a translation project. 

AEM Translation Projects

A translation project helps organize and manage translations within AEM and acts as a container for similar translation jobs. Use a project to create translation jobs for an entire site, an entire directory, or a single page, depending on your needs. 

To create a translation project, 

  1. Log into AEM as an administrator.

  2. Go to the side rail and select Projects.
  3. At the upper right, select Create > Translation Project and click Next (upper right).

  4. In the dialog, you will see two tabs, Basic and Advanced.
    1. On the Basic tab, enter a Project Title.

  5. Next, switch to the Advanced tab.

    Here, enter your translation settings. 
    These settings will be applied to all translation jobs using this project. Choose a source and target language, translation provider, and more. See below for help.

    1. Name: Enter a descriptive name. (Tip: Spaces are not allowed in the Name field). This name displays on the translation job tile and will help you find it again later.
    2. Source Language: Scroll to select the source language for the content you will translate with this project. (Tip: Set to English by default). 
    3. Target Language: Scroll to select the target language for the project.  (Tip: Only one target language is allowed per project).  
    4. Translation Method: Select Human Translation
    5. Translation Provider: Select Lingotek.
    6. Cloud Config: Scroll to select a Cloud Config.

      (tick) The Cloud Config links this AEM project with a Lingotek project.

      (tick) The Cloud Config designates which Lingotek project/workflow to use on all content within this AEM translation project.

  6. Click Create (upper right) to create the project.

Once the project is created, add content and start translating.

Next: Start Translating


Next: Start Translating

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