Rate Charts (Client)

On the Rate Charts tab, you can sort and view the rate charts that your vendors created. As an organization that purchases services from vendors, you can not revise or edit a rate chart.

To access Rate Charts, click the Rate Charts symbol in the left sidebar of the Vendors main page. When the Rate Charts page opens, you can review all rate charts provided by your vendors.

Rate Chart Details

When you open a specific rate chart, you can view the following details: 

  • General Information - In the upper pane of the chart, you can view general information about the chart such as the following: 

    • Chart Name

    • Client

    • Description

    • Project Management Fee

    • Use chart when

  • Translation Rates - In Translation Rates, you can view the rates listed for each source or target pair for each human phase (translation, review, or custom phases ). 

  • Translation Memory Rates - Rates are shown based on how well they match existing Translation Memory or on an hourly basis.

Tip: Click a column heading to sort its contents.

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