Get Started (Drupal 8/9/10)

Choose Languages

Once you’ve configured your settings, choose which languages to translate your site into.


Here, you will simply enable all of the languages you’ll need on your site. (Later, you’ll be able to fine tune which languages to apply to each page).


  1. From the Drupal main menu, go to Manage > Translation > Dashboard (first tab).

  2. Under the Translation heading, in the Translate my site into… field, type the name(s) of the language(s) and locale(s) you want to translate your site into.

  3. When you are ready click Add.

The selected languages will appear as translation options on menus throughout your Drupal site.

Choose What to Translate

Next, choose which Drupal pages you wish to translate.
From the Enterprise translation portal, you will see a list of pages in your site.

Here, you’ll be able to choose which pages to translate and which languages to translate them into.



To find a specific page, use the search box at the top of the page.


Accomplish this in three simple steps: (1) Send a page to Enterprise, (2) request translations for the language(s) of your choice, and (3) publish completed translations.

Send Pages to Enterprise

Start by sending the pages you wish to translate to Enterprise's translation management system. (Later you’ll be able to request translations for a specific languages).

To send a page to Enterprise for translation,

  1. Access the Enterprise translation management portal. 
    From the Drupal main menu, go to Manage > Translation > Content (second tab). 
    This opens to a list of all translatable pages.

  2. Place a check next to each page you wish to translate.

     Tip: To select many pages at once, click the very top box (upper left corner of the page).

     Tip: Check a box again to deselect it.

  3. Once you’ve selected all the pages you wish to translate, upload them to Enterprise.

    1. Under Bulk Document Management, scroll to select Upload Source Content for translation.

    2. Click Execute.

Drupal will send all selected pages to Enterprise's translation management system.



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