Enabling the Translation Toolbar

You must enable the translation toolbar before it will appear on each Confluence page. Instructions below.

The Translation Toolbar displays translation tools above each translatable page in Confluence.

To enable the translation toolbar in a space (or in all spaces), the Translation Toolbar macro must be inserted into the Confluence Theme.
Generally we recommend this be done at the global theme level, but also could be performed on a space to space basis.

Enabling the Toolbar

To set up the translation toolbar,

1)      Log into Confluence as an administrator. You can enable the toolbar in all spaces or within a single space.

a. All Spaces. To enable the toolbar in all spacesClick the Cog icon (upper right) and then select General Configuration.

b. Single Space. To enable the toolbar in a single spaceOpen the space. Then click Browse (upper left) and choose Space Admin.

2)      From the side admin bar, click Themes (under Look and Feel), choose Documentation Theme, and then click Configure theme.

3)      Add the {lingotek-document-operations} macro to the Header.

4)      Save your work.

Default Theme

Add this before the $body in the layout


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