Integrating Lingotek and Confluence

After the plugin is installed, you will be able to set up the Lingotek-Confluence integration.
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Setting up in Lingotek

To start setting up the integration,

1)      Log in to Lingotek as an administrator and open the Community menu.

2)      Select Integrations and click New Integration.

3)      Type a name for the new integration (e.g. “Confluence Integration”) and then click Save.

4)      Now that the integration is created, configure its OAuth settings. Click Add next to the integration.

5)      Next, click New Integration Method and complete the dialog (instructions below).



Auth Type

Scroll to select “Inbound OAuth”


Use the “Key” and “Secret” fields to create a “username/password-esque” combination. This combination will allow you to connect your Lingotek and Confluence accounts.

Create any random string for the Key and any random string for the Secret. See below for some general guidelines.

      • Create a sufficiently secure key/secret combination. Try using a long and random string of numbers and letters.
      • The key and the secret must be completely unique. Do not use the same string you used on a previous integration; do not use the same string for both the Key and the Secret fields.
      • The Key and Secret do not have to be easy to remember. You will only need to enter them one time – when you set up the integration.


Generate another random string for this


You can leave this blank

6)      When you are ready, click Save.

Setting up in Confluence

After setting up the integration in Lingotek, you will need to enter your Key and Secret in Confluence to complete the integration. 

Enter the Key and Secret in Confluence
Go to Confluence’s Server Configuration page and enter the Key and Secret:

1)      Log into Confluence as an administrator.

2)      Click the Cog icon (upper right) and choose General configuration

3)      On the left, choose Enterprise Translations in Confluence.

4)      Six tabs will display. Click to switch to the Server Configuration tab. 

5)      On the Server Configuration tab, type under Lingotek hostname.

6)      Next, enter the Consumer Key and Secret (i.e. the Key and Secret created within Lingotek). 

 (tick) Tip: Optionally scroll down to Lingotek Document SSO if you want to set up single sign-on options for Lingotek.

7)      Click Update to save your work.

Next: Choose Translation Settings


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