Choose Which Pages to Translate

Once translation is enabled for a space, you can choose which pages should be translated from the Translation Dashboard.

To choose which pages should be translated, log in as an administrator and select the pages from the Translation Dashboard.

1)      Log in as an administrator.

2)      Open the space and select Space Tools from the lower left corner of the page.

3)      Click Enterprise Translations to open the Translation Dashboard.

4)      Check to select which pages to translate.

a. Click the check box next to the document(s) you want to translate.

b. Click the Translate Selected icon: 

This will upload the selected documents to Lingotek (and will initiate any automatic translation steps).

(tick) Tip: If you want to translate all of the pages in your space, simply click the Translate All icon.


5)      In the dialog, check to select the language(s) you would like to translate into; click Save.

6)      The Translation Progress screen will display. Any automated translation steps will be completed behind the scenes. 

7)      When the automated translation steps are finished, the selected page(s) will be available to linguists for translation in the Lingotek workbench.

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