Publishing Translations (Confluence)

Once translations are complete, you can publish them using the Translation Dashboard.

To publish completed translations to Confluence, go to the Dashboard, select the desired pages, and click the publish icon.

1)      Go to the Dashboard

    1. Open the space with the page(s) you wish to publish.
    2. Select Space Tools (lower left corner).
    3. Choose Enterprise Translations. This will open the Translation Dashboard.

2)      Publish the translated page (to Confluence)

    1. Click the check box next to the document(s) with translations that should be published to Confluence.
    2. Click the Download Selected icon. This will initiate the publication process for the selected items.
    3. Check to select the language(s) for the translations you wish to publish and click Start.
    4. The translations progress bar will be displayed. When the status is complete, go to each space to view your completed translations.

(tick) Tip: You can publish all completed translations for all languages (not just those selected) by clicking the Publish All icon 

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