Language / Locale mappings (Drupal 8)

Drupal provides a set of predefined languages, and the ability to add your custom languages/locales.

Lingotek works at the locale level, so we have ways of mapping those Drupal languages to locales.

If those are created using the Lingotek dashboard in your Drupal module, that mapping is done for you.

But if you already have languages created before installing the Lingotek module, or want to add them in the Drupal core provided UI, or need further customisation, you can manually map them in the Drupal core provided UI.

If you need support creating languages, please reach us at

Supported locales



In the Lingotek module settings page, you can enable Debug utilities under the Utilities section. Look for Enable debug operations there. You can Disable debug operations when you are done.

Enabling debug operations allows you, not only to read, but to edit internal information as document metadata. Editing this data can cause your content to un-sync with the Lingotek TMS or provide inaccurate information that can lead to errors in your site, so be careful.