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The Translation Dashboard lets you manage, monitor, and view translations for the pages of your choice. 

Use the Action Bar, Quick Filters and Status Icons to help you manage your work.

Action Bar

The Action Bar displays above the Translation Dashboard.

Use the action bar to start translations and to publish completed translations. (Details below).






Translate All




Image Modified

This sends ALL documents in the space to Lingotek and runs them through the translation workflow.


Once the review is complete, it then sends ALL documents back to Confluence


Translate Selected



Image Modified

This sends Selected documents in the space to Lingotek and runs them through the translation workflow.


Once the review is complete, it then downloads ALL documents back to Confluence

Download All

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This publishes all completed translations to the Confluence space.

Download Selected

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This publishes completed translations (for the selected documents) to the Confluence space.


Status Icons

Color-coded status icons display next to each document. These icons help you track the translation status for each document - for each target language. 

  • White – Not Uploaded
  • Blue – Not Started
  • Yellow – In Progress
  • Green – Completed
  • Red – Error

Quick Filters

Quick filters are single-click buttons (at the top of the Dashboard) that filter the set of documents so you can easily find documents that match the status you are interested in.

Details outlined below.

Quick Filter



This document has been uploaded (at least once) to Lingotek


Not Uploaded

This document has not yet been uploaded to Lingotek


Modified Since Translation

This document has been modified in Confluence and these changes have not been uploaded to Lingotek


Updated in Lingotek

The translation has been modified in Lingotek and the changes have not been published into Confluence


Has Errors

On last downloading this document, some error occurred. The error should also be displayed. Also consult logs as this may help pinpoint the cause



Clicking Language will display locales for each language. You can then select 1 or more locales. Quick filters above that also only exist in the set of locales selected will be displayed.


e.g. Selecting a Locale of French and 'Has Errors' will only show French documents with errors.


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