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By default, the creator of a glossary is the only person that can access it; however, if desired, a glossary owner can share their glossary with other Lingotek users. These Shared Users will be able to search and manage all entries within the glossary.

  1. Open the Glossary.
    At the top of the pageFrom the side bar, select Projects Project Resources > Glossaries (listed under Resources).
  2. Click the Settings tab (center of the page) and click Edit.
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  3. Scroll down to the Shared Users heading.
  4. Type the name for the group(s) or individual(s) that should have access you to search/manage entries within the glossary.
  5. Once a user is added, the change is saved automatically. This user will be able to log in and view the glossary.


To remove a group or user from a glossary, simply click the


"x" next to their name. 

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